Journal papers published in 2019

  • D. -M. Geum, S. -K. Kim, C. -M. Kang, S. -H. Moon, J. Kyhm, J. -H. Han, D. -S. Lee, S.- H. Kim*, "Strategy toward the fabrication of ultrahigh-resolution micro-LED displays by bonding interface-engineered vertical stacking and surface passivation", Nanoscale 11, p. 23139 (2019) (selected as an outside front cover)

  • D. -M. Geum, S. -H. Kim (co-first), S. -K. Kim, S. -S. Kang, J. -H. Kyhm, J. -D. Song, W. J. Choi*, and E. Yoon*, "Monolithic integration of visible GaAs and near-infrared InGaAs for multicolor photodetectors by using high-throughput epitaxial lift-off toward high-resolution imaging systems", Scientific Reports 9, 18661 (2019)

  • S. Lee, S. -K. Kim, J. -H. Han, J. D. Song, D. -H. Jun, S. -H. Kim*, "Epitaxial Lift-off Technology for Large Size III-V-On-Insulator Substrate", IEEE Electron Device Letters 40, p. 1732 (2019)

  • S. -K. Kim, D. -M. Geum, H. -R. Lim, H. Kim, J. -H. Han, D. K. Hwang, J. D. Song, H. -J. Kim, S.- H. Kim*, "Improved Characteristics of MOS Interface between In0.53Ga0.47As and Insulator by H2 Annealing with Pt Gate Electrode", Applied Physics Letters 115, 143502 (2019)

  • S. Kang, D. -M. Geum, K. Kwak, J. -H. Kang, C. -H. Shim, H. Y. Hyun, S. -H. Kim, W. J. Choi, S. -H. Choi, M. -C. Park*, J. D. Song*, "InAs on GaAs Photodetectors Using Thin InAlAs Graded Buffers and Their Application to Exceeding Short-Wave Infrared Imaging at 300 K", Scientific Reports 9, 12875 (2019)

  • H. -R. Lim, S. -K. Kim, J. -H. Han, H. -S. Kim, D. -M. Geum, Y. -J. Lee, B. -K. Ju, H. -J. Kim, S.- H. Kim*, "Impact of bottom-gate biasing on Implant-free Junctionless Ge-on-Insulator n-MOSFETs", IEEE Electron Device Letters 40, p. 1362 (2019)

  • S.- H. Kim*, S. –K. Kim, S. –H. Shin, J. –H. Han, D. –M. Geum, J. –P. Shim, S. Lee, H. –S. Kim, G. Ju, J. –D. Song, M. A. Alam, H. –J. Kim, "Highly-stable self-aligned Ni-InGaAs and non-self-aligned Mo contact for Monolithic 3D Integration of InGaAs MOSFETs", IEEE Journal of the Electron Device Society 7, p. 869 (2019)

  • [Review paper] S. –H. Kim*, J. –H. Han, W. J. Choi, J. D. Song, H. -J. Kim : “Functionalized bonding materials and interfaces for heterogeneously layer-stacked applications”, Journal of the Korean physical society 74, p. 82 (2019)


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