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Journal papers published in 2023

  • W. -J. Baek, J. -H. Park, J. Shim, B. -H. Kim, S. Park, H. -S. Kim, D. -M. Geum*, and S. -H. Kim*, "Ultra-Low-Current Driven InGaN Blue Micro Light-Emitting Diodes for Electrically Efficient and Self-Heating Relaxed Microdisplay", Nature communications, accepted

  • B- H. Kim, S. -H. Kuk, S. -K. Kim, J. -P. Kim, Y. -J. Suh, J. Jeong, D. -M. Geum, S. -H. Baek, S. -H. Kim*, "Oxygen Scavenging in HfZrOx-based n/p-FeFETs for Switching Voltage Scaling and Endurance/Retention Improvement", Advanced Electronic Materials, accepted

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