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Journal papers published in 2018

  • C. -M. Kang, J. -Y. Lee, D. -J. Kong, J. -P. Shim, S. -H. Kim, S. -H. Mun, S. -Y. Choi, M. -D. Park, J. Lee, and D. -S. Lee : "Hybrid Full-Color Inorganic Light-Emitting Diodes Integrated on a Single Wafer Using Selective Area Growth and Adhesive Bonding", ACS Photonics 5, p. 4413 (2018)

  • I. –P. Ryo, S. –H. Kim (co-first), D. -M. Geum, W. Lu, Y. –H. Song*, Jesus A. del Alamo, and J. –D. Song* : “High hole mobility in strained In0.25Ga0.75Sb quantum well with high quality Al0.95Ga0.05Sb buffer layer”, Applied Physics Letters 113, 093501 (2018)

  • P. Bidenko, S. Lee, J. -H. Han, J. -D. Song, S. -H. Kim* : "Simulation Study on the Design of Sub-kT/q Non-Hysteretic Negative Capacitance FET Using Capacitance Matching", IEEE Journal of the Electron Device Society 6, p. 910 (2018)

  • S. –H. Kim*, S. –K. Kim, J. –P. Shim, D. –M. Geum, G. Ju, H. –S. Kim, H. –J. Lim, H. –R. Lim, J. –H. Han, S. Lee, H. –S. Kim, P. Bidenko, C. –M. Kang, D. –S. Lee, J. –D. Song, W. J. Choi, and H. –J. Kim : “Heterogeneous Integration toward Monolithic 3D Chip enabled by III-V and Ge Materials”, IEEE Journal of the Electron Device Society 6, p. 579 (2018)

  • S. -K. Kim, J. –P. Shim, D. –M. Geum, C. –Z. Kim, H. –S. Kim, J. D. Song, S. –J. Choi, D. H. Kim, W. J. Choi, H. –J. Kim, D. -M. Kim*, and S. –H. Kim* : “Impact of Ground Plane Doping and Bottom-Gate Biasing on Electrical Properties in In0.53Ga0.47As-OI MOSFETs and Donor Wafer Re-usability toward Monolithic 3D Integration with In0.53Ga0.47As channel”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Device 65, p. 1862 (2018)

  • D. –M. Geum, S. –H. Kim (co-first), S. –S. Kang, H. –S. Kim, H. Park, I. –P. Rho, S. –Y. Ahn, J. –D. Song, W. J. Choi, and E. Yoon, “Room Temperature Operation of Mid-infrared InAs0.81Sb0.19 based Photovoltaic Detectors with an In0.2Al0.8Sb Barrier Layer grown on GaAs Substrate”, Optics Express 26, p. 6249 (2018)

  • G. Ju, H. –S. Kim (co-first), J. –P. Shim, S. –K. Kim, B. –H. Lee, S. O. Won, S. –H. Kim, and H. –J. Kim* : “Anisotropic Surface Morphology in a Tensile-strained InAlAs layer grown on InP(100) substrates”, Thin Solid Film 649, p. 38 (2018)

  • J. –P. Shim, H. –S. Kim (co-first), G. Ju, H. –R. Lim, S. –K. Kim, J. –H. Han, H. –J. Kim*, and S. –H. Kim*, “Low Temperature Material Stacking of Ultra-Thin Body Ge (110)-on-insulator Structure via Wafer Bonding and Epitaxial Lift-off from III-V Templates”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Device 65, p. 1253 (2018)

  • S. –H. Kim*, J. –H. Han (co-first), J. –P. Shim, H. –J. Kim, and W. J. Choi : “Verification of Ge-on-insulator structure for Mid-infrared photonics platform”, Optical Materials Express 8, p. 440 (2018)

  • J. –P. Shim, S. -K. Kim, H. -S. Kim, G. W. Ju, H. -J. Lim, S. -H. Kim, H. -J. Kim* : “Double-gated Ultra-thin-body GaAs-on-insulator p-FETs on Si”, APL Materials 6, 016103 (2018)

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