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Journal papers published in 2016

  • N. Taoka*, M. Yokoyama, S. –H. Kim, R. Suzuki, R. Iida, M. Takenaka, and S. Takagi : “Influence of interface traps inside the conduction band on the capacitance–voltage characteristics of InGaAs metal–oxide–semiconductor capacitors”, Applied Physics Express 9, 111202, 2016

  • S. –H. Kim*, D. –M. Geum, S. –K. Kim, H. –J. Kim, J. –D. Song, and W. J. Choi : “Low subthreshold-slope Double-gate GaAs Field-Effect-Transistors on Si”, IEEE Electron Device Letters 37, p. 1261 (2016)

  • S. Takagi*, M. Noguchi, M. Kim, S. –H. Kim, C. –Y. Chang, M. Yokoyama, K. Nishi, R. Zhang, M. Ke, and M. Takenaka : “III-V/Ge MOS device technologies for low power integrated systems”, Solid State Electronics 125, p. 82, 2016

  • Y. S. Yun, S. –H. Kim, H. –Y. Ryu, M. –S. Park, H. Jang, J. H. Song, W. C. Lim, Y. J. Chang*, and W. J. Choi* : “Proton irradiation-induced intermixing in InGaAs/GaAs quantum well for non-absorbing mirror”, Current Applied Physics 16, p. 1005, 2016

  • S. –K. Kim, J. Lee, D. –M. Geum, M. –S. Park, W. J. Choi, S. –J. Choi, D. H. Kim, S. –H. Kim*, and D. M. Kim* : “Fully Subthreshold Current-Based Characterization of Interface Traps and Surface Potential in III-V-on-Insulator MOSFETs”, Solid State Electronics 112, p. 8, 2016

  • H. S. Kim, M. S. Park, S. H. Kim, S. I. Park, J. D. Song, S. H. Kim, W. J. Choi*, and J. H. Park* : “Indium-tin-oxide/GaAs schottky barrier solar cells with embedded InAs Quantum dots”, Thin Solid Films 604, p, 81, 2016

  • D. -M. Geum, M.-S. Park, J. –Y. Lim, H. –D. Yang, J. D. Song, C. –Z. Kim, E. Yoon, S. –H. Kim*, and W. J. Choi : “Ultra-high-throughput Production of III-V/Si Wafer for Electronic and Photonic Applications”, Scientific reports 6, 20610, 2016

  • H. –J. Lee, J. –W. Lee, H. –J. Kim, D. –H. Jung, K. –S. Lee, S. –H. Kim, D. –M. Geum, C. Z. Kim, W. J. Choi*, and J. M. Baik* : “Optical Design of ZnO-based Antireflective Layers for Enhanced GaAs Solar Cell Performance”, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, p. 2906, 2016

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