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Journal papers published in 2017

  • C. -M. Kang, S.-J. Kang, S. -H. Mun, S. -Y. Choi, J. -H. Min, S. -H. Kim, J. -P. Shim*, and D. -S. Lee* : “Monolithic integration of AlGaInP-based red and InGaN-based green LEDs via adhesive bonding for multicolor emission”, Scientific Reports 7, 10333 (2017)

  • H. -S. Kim, S. -Y. Ahn, S. -H. Kim, G. -H. Ryu, J. -H. Kyhm, K. -W. Lee, J. -H. Park*, W. -J. Choi* : “InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetector on a Si substrate by means of metal wafer bonding and epitaxial lift-off”, Optics Express25, p. 17562 (2017)

  • S. –K. Kim, D. –M. Geum, J. –P. Shim, J. –H. Han, C. –Z. Kim, H. –J. Kim, J. D. Song, W. J. Choi, S. –J. Choi, D. H. Kim, D. M. Kim*, and S. –H. Kim* : “Fabrication of InGaAs-on-insulator Substrates Using Direct Wafer Bonding and Epitaxial Lift-off Techniques”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Device 64, p. 3601 (2017)

  • H. –J. Lee, D. –H. Jung, T. –H. Kil, S. –H. Kim, K. –S. Lee, S. –H. Baek, W. J. Choi*, and J. –M. Baik* : “Mechanically robust stretchable solar absorbers with submicron-thick multilayer sheets for wearable and energy applications”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, p. 18061 (2017)

  • T. –H. Kil, S. –H. Kim (co-first), D. –H. Jung, D. –M. Geum, S. Lee, S. –J. Jung, S. Kim, C. Park, J. –S. Kim, J. –M. Baik, K. –S. Lee, C. –Z. Kim, W. J. Choi, and S. –H. Baek : “A high-efficient, concentrating-photovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid generator”, Nano Energy 37, p. 242 (2017)

  • S. –H. Kim*, D. –M. Geum, M. –Su. Park, H. –S. Kim, J. –D. Song, and W. J. Choi : “Fabrication and Characterization of High-quality GaAs photodetector arrays on Si”, Applied Physics Letters 110, 153505 (2017)

  • D. -M. Geum, M.-S. Park, C. –Z. Kim, S. –H. Kim*, W. J. Choi*, and E. Yoon : “Heterogeneously Integrated High Performance GaAs Single Junction Solar Cells on Copper”, Journal of the Korean physical society 70, p. 693 (2017)

  • C. –M. Kang, D. –J. Kong, J. –P. Shim, S. –H. Kim, S. –B. Choi, J. –Y. Lee, J. –H. Min, D. –J. Seo, S. –Y. Choi, and D. –S. Lee* : “Fabrication of a vertically-staked passive-matrix micro-LED array structure for a dual color display”, Optics Express 25 (3), p. 2489-2495, 2017

  • S. –K. Kim, D. –M. Geum, J. –P. Shim, C. –Z. Kim, H. –J. Kim, W. J. Choi, S. –J. Choi, D. H. Kim, S. –H. Kim*, and D. M. Kim* : “Fabrication and characterization of Pt/Al2O3/Y2O3/In0.53Ga0.47As MOSFETs with low interface trap density”, Applied Physics Letters 110 (5), 2017

  • I. –P. Ryo, S. –H. Kim (co-first), Y. –H. Song*, and J. –D. Song* : “Uniformly strained AlGaSb/InGaSb/AlGaSb quantum well on GaAs substrates for balanced complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors”, Current Applied Physics 17, p. 417, 2017

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